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Are You Facing Cannabis-Related Charges?

While the use of medical marijuana is legal in Texas, recreational use is not. As a result, countless individuals face cannabis-related charges every day for violation of the state and federal laws. As a former prosecutor, attorney Vikram “Vik” Vij recognizes the impact drug convictions can have. While he defends against a range of state drug charges, he has a special focus on defending clients in cannabis cases.

The Firm That Can Defend Against Any State Cannabis Charge

Cannabis cases often involve more than possessing, manufacturing, trafficking, delivering or distributing the cannabis plant (also known as flower.) The Vij & Krell firm has handled various cannabis-related cases involving:

  • Concentrates: “Kief,” “oils,” “hashish,” “shatter” and “dabs”
  • Infusions: edibles in the form of gummies, capsules and other types of edibles
  • Tinctures: THC products that extract cannabis using ethanol alcohol
  • Possession of cannabis paraphernalia: water pipes, herb grinders and vaporizers
  • Medical cannabis violations: Purchasing cannabis from unregistered dispensaries or illegal sources

As of 2019, individuals in Texas are permitted to own hemp and hemp-derived products as long as the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) concentration is less than .3 percent. Cannabis-derived products with less than .3 percent THC are often referred to as CBD products or hemp oil.

Our Attorneys Can Help You Build A Case And Avoid Consequences

Violations involving more than just the cannabis plant often carry stiffer penalties. You could face jail time, fines, lose your immigration visa or green guard or be subjected to court-ordered treatment. The Vij & Krell firm can defend you against charges to avoid and reduce such penalties. With the continual changes in Texas cannabis laws, our lawyers know how to approach a case and how the new regulations will apply. Vij Krell and James Krell are both experienced criminal defense lawyers who have handled many cannabis cases, from simple possession to drug trafficking charges..

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