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Why You Need An Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal law is intense. It is not a good place for a lawyer to learn “on the job.” The criminal justice system is designed to do one thing: process and convict those arrested by the police. It is not a theoretical inquiry into truth or justice; the system exists to put people in jail or prison.

Even if you are completely innocent — maybe even more than if you are guilty — you need an experienced criminal defense attorney from the moment the police inform you that you are under arrest.

You Must Have An Experienced Attorney And Guide

You need an experienced guide because the system is very complex. If you have not been arrested previously, you literally have no idea what to expect. Criminal law changes regularly because there are so many cases. And prosecutors and judges are not there to help you. They have very heavy caseloads and busy dockets, and they must move as many suspects along and out of their courtrooms as quickly as possible.

Attorney Vikram “Vik” Vij understands this. He began his career as a criminal prosecutor. He knows the pressures they face and the strategies they employ. At Vij & Krell, PLLC, he uses that understanding to know when to challenge evidence, attack credibility of witnesses or to negotiate on a plea deal. He has worked with hundreds of clients, with a wide range of facts, and he can advise you on your options and potential outcomes. Vik Vij and James Krell both are experienced criminal defense lawyers, and they regularly work together on cases to provide the strongest defense possible.

Don’t Forget: Let Your Attorney Do The Talking!

During or after your arrest, you may be tempted or encouraged by the police to “explain” yourself and tell them “what really happened.” Don’t do it! Remember, if the police are arresting you, nothing you say will get you out of custody or lead them to “go easy on you.” The only thing that will occur is that you may say something that they can use against you later in court.

A police arrest and interrogation are not like the movies. You will be very stressed and under extreme pressure. This is by design. They want you to be angry or panicked, so you will just start talking, blurt something out or outright confess. When you are under this kind of duress, you are likely to be confused and flustered. You may give different versions of what happened or contradict yourself.

This can all be used to undermine your credibility, making your story unbelievable. And if the jury or judge doesn’t believe your story, they likely will believe the carefully structured narrative of the prosecutor. Don’t give them a chance. Remain silent. When our attorney arrives, he can do the talking for you and protect you from these issues.

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