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What is gender discrimination in the workplace?

On Behalf of | Jun 20, 2023 | Employment Law

Regardless of your gender and other factors, you have the right to do your job in an environment that is free from mistreatment, harassment and discrimination of any kind. Unfortunately, this is not reality for many Texas workers, and they may experience different types of discrimination based on their gender. This is illegal and unacceptable, and victims of this type of mistreatment do not have to suffer through this difficult experience in silence. 

It may be beneficial for you to learn more about what counts as gender discrimination and what you can do if you are a victim. You have the right to speak out about what you experienced, and you may also have grounds to pursue legal recourse as a victim. Employers also have the responsibility of fighting gender discrimination and ensuring that their workplaces are safe and respectful for everyone, offering equal opportunities for all employees. 

Ways that you could experience gender discrimination  

It is not always easy to determine if what you have been facing at work counts as gender discrimination. Both male and female employees can experience gender discrimination, but women are more likely to face this type of treatment. Examples of this specific type of discrimination in the workplace include: 

  • Sexual harassment — This is harassment of a sexual nature, including unwanted contact, lewd comments, asking inappropriate questions and more.  
  • Pregnancy discrimination — Women can experience discrimination from their employer due to their pregnancy and their pregnancy-related medical needs. 
  • Wage gaps — Females often make less than their male counterparts, even if they are equally qualified and performing the same job duties. 

If you experience gender discrimination, you may want to first notify your human resources department. After this, you can take the appropriate legal steps. While it can be intimidating, you can fight back against discrimination and hold responsible parties accountable for perpetrating these behaviors or allowing them in your work environment. 

Your rights as an employee 

Many workers who experience discrimination may feel intimidated about taking the next steps. They may fear retaliation or other consequences when they speak out about what they experienced. You will benefit from seeking a professional legal assessment of your case so that you can understand the legal options available to you and feel confident about moving forward.